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Our new office!

view of the office building from the north entrance

In 2015, Payne Law Group purchased a two story building at 766 Hudson Avenue, just outside of the Burns Court district near the Hudson Bayou. At first glance, the cedar-faced, four-plex building was outdated, cramped inside, and in need of a serious overhaul. A design team was assembled and the sketch pads came out. After months of planning, designing, engineering and permitting, we began the renovations.

During this time, our lease was up at our Pineapple location, and we moved into a temporary space that was perfect for us during our transition. Just over a year later, the renovation was complete and we moved in to our new space.

The main entrance to our office is on the north side of the building. The downstairs boasts a welcoming lobby and waiting area, all coordinated with our signature nautical theme. One large and one small conference room are just off the lobby, and are perfect for private signings, staff meetings, classes, and even luncheons and staff parties. Adjacent to the conference rooms are our kitchen and break area. Handicap restroom facilities are on each side of the lobby for your convenience.

Our attorney’s offices are on the opposite side of the downstairs area, with their assistants located in stations nearby. The office administrator, support staff and estate planning paralegals are also in this area.

Upstairs there are eight offices along the perimeter of the building, that surround a large copy and work station. Our secure vault is located down the hall. Further down is our closed file storage area, a kitchenette, and our upstairs restrooms.

Currently we are leasing out the southwest quadrant of our building to another attorney and his staff.

Improvements continue as we work with a design team to update our landscaping, parking lot, and awnings for the front and back entrances.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit yet, please make time to do so. We have settled in nicely in our new space, and we hope that you will find it to be pleasing and comfortable as well.

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