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A Reminder- before heading North!

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To our snowbirds, season residents and summer travelers….

Now is the time to start thinking ahead and planning as you pack up for the end

of Season.

Be sure to:

- Review your estate planning one last time and let us know if you have any last minute questions.

- If the winter has flown by and you realize you wanted t o make changes to your Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney or Health Care documents, NOW is the time to contact us – the sooner the better to give your attorney and staff time to properly prepare and review drafts and changes with you for timely signing of new documents before your travel.

We do our best to accommodate clients’ wishes and timelines. However, because we prepare each and everyone’s documents to their personal needs, please give us the time to ensure a complete and thorough update.

Remember to:

- Take copies of your documents with you so that they are available to you for review and for questions that arise from family or changing circumstances while you are away.

And if needed, we are happy to provide you with certified copies of your Durable Powers of Attorney if necessary, without cost.

- Take copies of your Designation of Health Care Surrogate/Living Will and Advanced Medical Directive with you for travel in the unlikely event that you need medical attention. Keep the copies with your travel documents for easy access.

And if you need assistance organizing for a summer absence, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you!

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