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Headaches and Honey-Dos

young lady on the phone helping elderly woman

Many of us are troubled with unending “to do” lists. It may be a lack of time, energy, or skill that prevents us from getting things done. Sometimes we just don’t want to deal with sales people or technicians, or wish that an advocate was by our side. Many times we don’t know who to trust. Maybe we just don’t feel like dealing with the problem. The loss of a spouse or loved one can make things even more difficult.

You may not know it, but we have helped many of our clients with these issues. Perhaps we can help you, too, with some of the following:

  • Bill Paying

  • Checking account reconciliation and Bookkeeping

  • Trust Funding, Asset Transfers, Beneficiary Designations

  • Organization of Personal Information and Files

  • Advocacy Services to assist you in understanding, evaluating and dealing with sales people, vendors, repairmen, contractors, insurance companies, and/or buyers

  • Computer & Home Technology Assistance such as email, picture storage, purchasing advice and set up of computers, tablets, cell phones, Wifi, printers, cameras, sound systems, and televisions

  • A helping hand with small tasks around the home such as hanging a picture, small repairs, getting a box from the attic, holiday decorations, seasonal transitions, property assessment while you are away, home improvements, those projects that just never seem to get done, troubleshooting home equipment such as A/C, appliances, Honey-Do list items

  • Handling mail and special shipments and deliveries

  • Referrals - if we can’t solve your problem we probably know someone trustworthy who can

Elderly man shaking hands

Whatever you need, we are here to help!

Please contact our office for information on pricing related to your particular project.

Call us at: 941-487-2800 or email at:

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