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Awnings, Rogue Waves and Thankfulness!

picture from outside of door and new awning

Installation of the new awnings was completed recently with much anticipation as the twenty-eight-month journey marks the end of the remodeling project of the firm’s new home. Like any good sea captain, checking weather, tides, and navigational charts before a journey, we did our best to plan for the remodeling of our new facility. But like a rogue wave, the awnings were an unexpected challenge.

With enough drama to fill two blog articles, seeing the awning project to the end was a long, upwind journey. Now that it is done, we are thankful! Reaching the completion of the remodel has caused us to stop and reflect on this past year. Looking back, we realize we have sailed through some uncharted waters. We are like many businesses, and have had to deal with thought- provoking legal issues, unexpected staff changes, project delays and many other matters, which at times left us feeling like a mariner stuck in a storm losing sight of land. As this year ends and we pull into port we have a sense of thankfulness for what we have gone through. We have seen the problems and matters that we thought for sure were going to tear apart the rigging, turn around and work out to be a positive experience for all. Projects that seemed eternal are now complete. Hindsight offers us a drone-like view and we can see how things could have ended much less favorably. We are thankful!

We are thankful for our clients who have placed their trust in us to pilot them through the often-challenging waters of Estate Planning, Trust Administration and Tax Controversies. As two waves are never the same, this is true of our clients and their situations. This is why we work hard to find unique solutions to achieve our clients’ goals. It takes a seasoned staff, or crew, if we can continue in this analogy, to keep the ship steady in a storm. Ours crew is one of the best. Their dedication and experience are key to exceeding the clients’ expectations. We are thankful to have them on board!

As we make land this holiday season and begin to prepare for next years voyage, we want to say thank you to our clients and crew for their support. We truly are thankful!

If you need help planning for the future or dealing with a rogue wave, please contact The Payne Law Group. We are here to help! Our attorneys and staff would be honored to serve you.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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