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6 Reasons to Create and Fund a Revocable Living Trust

Have you ever wondered why you may want to create a Revocable Living Trust?

This may help!

6 Reasons to Create and Fund a Revocable Living Trust

1) Reduces the cost of administering an estate at death

2) Eliminates need for a guardianship of your property if you become incapacitated. This saves time and expense

3) Can provide beneficiaries with more rapid availability of funds after death

4) Allows naming of a non-resident, non-relative as Successor Trustee. The Personal Representative or Executor of a Will probated in Florida must be related by blood or marriage to decedent, or live in Florida

5) Creator of a Trust can act as initial Trustee so there is no loss of control and no additional expense

6) Can be holder of the Title to real estate in another state thus eliminating the need for ancillary administration in that state

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